dreadlocks with extensions
hair after dreading photo
new dreads with fringe
new dreadlocks
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and lots of dread

Below is a list of some of the non-profit organizations we've been donating to over the years. Brand new clients will have 5% of the price of their 1st service 
gifted to one of these awesome organizations.

Let's let it flow.

our contribution
Ryan's Well Foundation - The Ryan's Well Foundation inspires, motivates and empowers children and adults to share Ryan's vision of a world where everyone has clean water. 

Avaaz - A new global web movement with a simple democratic mission: to close the gap between the world we have, and the world most people everywhere want. (Take a moment to sign up for their email list. It takes 30 seconds to sign a petition they send out, and these petitions are creating massive change world-wide.)

Downtown Eastside Woman's Centre - If you live here, you know. It's Canada's poorest postal code. This organization provides basic needs and positive change, helping lift the goddess back into her rightful role in society so that she can herself, be a pillar of support for others.

Trenchtown Reading Center - "Knowledge is power" is the operative behind this Vancouver-based organization that has been working to outfit one of Jamaica's poorest communities with a library. I see this as an opportunity to provide Jamaica with a small token of our appreciation to this countries magnificent contribution, beloved Reggae music.

Kiva - Providing small business loans for entrepreneurs in developing countries. We often fund women's crafting and farming collaboratives via this great organization. 

blessed be!
shoulder length hair before locks
short hair before dreads
interested in the history of dreadlocks? why are they blessed? who wears them? wikipedia has a few answers for you.......
everyone has their own personal reasons for starting up locks. whatever yours are, Blessed Locks respects them and promises to infuse them with radiant, positive vibrations!
add on services 

for some, the day that they start up or decide to let go of their locks is a significant life event. a custom ceremony can be created for you which reflects your personal belief systems. this can help ease the transition, integrating and directing the new energies invoked. contact solah, if you would like to have a ceremony designed and/or performed for you.
This is Cordillia. 
She walked across the city in bare feet to the studio where we got her locks started. 
This is how her journey began. 
fat dreads after maintenance
thailand dreads before maintenance
dreads after 1st mainteneance session
dreads 3 months after starting
Julia had her big chunky dreads started in Thailand. 

About 5 months later, she arrived at Blessed Locks for some maintenance.
shoulder length dreads
hair before dreading photo
dreads with extensions
James had his dreadlock start-up appointment and then returned 3 months later for his first maintenance. These photos show his hair before and after  that maintenance session.
This is Scott at the start of his blessed lock journey.
Here's a favorite before and after dreadlock transformation! 

Mike's hair was only about 4 inches long when we started his dreads. You wouldn't want yours to be any shorter than this.
In these two photos, you can see the newly attached extensions with blunt ends.
They looked incredible!
After your locks are first dreaded, they may stick up and have funny tails but generally, they'll be looking pretty sweet. Over the next few months, while they tighten, you'll probably find that they get  pretty scruffy looking. This is likley the worst your dreads will ever look! Never fear, just return 2 to 3 1/2 months later for a good maintenance session where we'll really bring them together. You'll also receive more guidance on how to maintain them in a healthy and sustainable way. 

 (see the 'answers for seekers' page for more photos and details on the process!
"Very satisfying and good music. 
Positive and nurturing."  

Here's Jace and the progression of her locks....
curley hair after new dreads
short curley hair before dreadlocks
 I love my locks and I am really glad you made them for me. This will be a very meaningful memory of my travel. And they look really nice too =) 
So thank you so much.

Hope you will make plenty more beautiful dreads like those.