With a galactic signature like this, how can i resist being a loctician?
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kin 68 natural time gliph yellow electric star
kin 68: Yellow Electric Star 
I Activate in order to Beautify 
Bonding Art 
I seal the Store of Elegance 
With the Electric tone of Service 
I am guided by the power of Free Will 

I've been doing dreads for myself and others for over 16 years. 

I love it!

I have an enormous passion to create and one of my favorite ways to express this is through sculpting. My love for working with 3 dimensional mediums, the human spirit and colour led me to work as a Special Effects Makeup Artist in film and television. I dreamed of creating kooky-looking characters for inspirational children's programming. I started by creating zombies for a bunch of political zombie films (inspiring adults to not be zombies). 
After receiving a Leo Award, I moved on to other endeavors. 

Sculpting hair has been a great way to express my creativity while working with super awesome people! 

It's a fantastic little side business while I'm also helping people who don't know what "their thing" is, to discover their purpose and passions!


and here's a summary of those purposeful offerings :)
  If You Are What You Love

I am freedom, health, hugs, water, travel, great books, peace, solitude, meditation, stimulating conversation, the night, clay, fabric, food, children, color, poetry, music, humanity, adventures, the forest, the desert, the jungle, positivity, creativity, dance...
dread lock salon in Vancouver open late
9 pm!

Treat yourself after your work day. 

 It's often in the spirit of the night that 
we receive our best inspiration!

I aspire to 
exemplify the act of joyful creation 
while inspiring you 
into more of your own magickal essence.


Down the Rabbit Hole 

(a.k.a. websites, companies and organizations that i'd like to share with you)

warning: you might get lost here. have you finished checking out solah's site? 
do you need to contact her first? [email protected]
 alright then.... giver.

The Alliance for Arts and Culture An excellent Vancouver resource for artists and lovers of the
Ad Busters  How could you not love these guys?
Burning Man  Ahhhh. 
Positively Purposeful   The best company in  the world! (and I'm not just saying that because I own it.... well, okay, maybe I am) Yes, this is where I help you step more fully into your passions and purposes and get your big ideas off the ground! Healing sessions with tuning forks, copper and crystal jewelry and much more is also available here. 
Astrodienist   Know yourself. Understand others. Let your light shine. (I can also print up astrological charts for you. They make a fabulous gift!)
  Solah Nightstar is the creator of Blessed Locks and will be your guide on this blessed journey.
                                                     This is a sample of what's she's about....
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Love Light Yoga   A beautiful fusion of Yin Yoga postures and reggae music held together with Hindu and Rasta ethics. Relaxing candlelit classes led by a passionate teacher. 
Client Bulletin Board

our clients are amazing people who are doing some great things. 
here's a little sharing space for them...
..........so many wonderful musicians, writers, social workers, nurses, students, poets, photographers, chefs, teachers and more have blessed this studio. 
send me your links folks, i'd be happy to list them for you.....
Jackie Greenaway Photography   Creative portrait photographer and wonderful human.