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"Wonderful vibe; very informative!"
- Stephanie
Learn about the dreading process and how to get and maintain a sweet set of locks on the answers for seekers page. 

Want to add some super funk to your hair? Check out the detachable fabric hair wraps which pop right into a head of locks and can be braided into non-locked hair. Find these and hand-made one-of-a-kind dreadlock beads on the treasures page. 

 Synthetic hair extensions in a large array of colors are available with the ability to custom blend a stunning match to your real hair. Check out the sweet photos on the extensions page. 

"Makes me wanna have dreads forever!"
- Dee
receive super sweet dreads infused with lots of loving energy
mobile services available! 
adorn your locks with unique hand-made beads, charms & wraps
appointments available up until 9pm!
5% of the price of your 1st visit is donated a non-profit organization
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custom extensions can be created in a variety of styles and shipped anywhere!
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This site is OLD SCHOOL!

Blessed Locks has been doing the 
dreadlock thing for close to 20 years
and we haven't changed the website much
 in that time.  There's lots of info here
to help you on your dreadlock journey. 

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